Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Look Who Else Milked the Cow

When we got to the barn
Olivia was a little surprised at 
how big the cow was.
At first, she was a little 
intimidated by it's size.
So, Grace milked the cow first.
 It seemed safe enough.
 And Olivia thinks she can do
anything Grace can do.
So - she did indeed milk that cow!
 And the next morning, once the
cow's milk was chilled,
we had a taste test to see if the 
girls could tell fresh milk from
store bought milk - and BOTH girls
were able to tell the difference.
 When asked which they preferred,
Grace liked the store bought milk
and Olivia liked milk from the cow.
Grandpa pulled out his
Almond Milk for comparison, too.
So now, Grace likes Vanilla Almond Milk
and Olivia likes fresh milk from a cow.
I think that leaves Heather with a
bit of a shopping dilemma.
She found a dairy where she can buy
Olivia's milk, but it's in Gainsville.
I think we will be making a stop
on our way down.

1 comment:

  1. What a fun time for those girls. I grew up drinking raw milk but I don't like the taste of it anymore....nor do I like fresh meat. It has to age a while in the freezer for me. Yep- I am weird. xo Diana