Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Today is Billy's Birthday!
Billy is my middle son.
He's the tough guy in the family.
He's brave and daring and full 
of adventure!
 He's was always the kid who
kept me on my toes.
He was into EVERYTHING!
And he's recently became
a father!
I wonder if little Weston
will be as adventurous as his Daddy?
In some ways, I hope so...
Because... Billy was always FUN!
Our house was never boring
when he was a kid.
But, then again.... Billy was
a handful. So, in some ways
I hope Weston is a bit more calm.
Because a calmer child would
be much easier to raise!
AND he'd be much safer!
But then, safety might be over rated.
After all, Billy's tried every
daring stunt he's had the opportunity
to try and he's still alive.
That in itself is reason to
give glory to God!
He's protected this young man!
And He'll protect Weston, too!
No matter how adventurous he turns
out to be. 
God really is GOOD!
Happy Birthday, Billy!


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