Thursday, February 27, 2014

Do You KNow What Else Comes From COWS?

When we went to take our cold
cow's milk out of the refrigerator
we noticed something.
CREAM had risen to the top!
And you know what cream is good for?

We used this little Ninja to help
churn our butter.
(when my kids were small, we put the cream in a jar and shook it, but that takes patience)
 We mixed and we mixed and we mixed
and finally we got a little dab of
And this is how little girls eat real butter.
I actually had biscuits ready to spread it onto,
but the girls like their butter plain!



  1. Oh yes- What fun for those girls. We used to churn our butter when I was a kid. Do you know you can still get cream-top milk delivered to your door here in Wisconsin in REAL GLASS jars! They will also deliver butter and eggs upon request. Left in a bit metal insulated container right outside your door. xo Diana

  2. Oh that is so cool, Patty, to churn your own butter. I just made biscuits yesterday, and I would love some of your real butter to put on them. The girls look sweet here enjoying their butter.

    Have a good day.