Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When Your Mouth Is Quicker Than Your Brain

Do you ever speak before you think?
Is your mouth ever quicker than your brain?
Mine was.
Brilyn wanted to play on the slide
but it was too cold.
Brilyn might have been okay,
but I had Asher to think about. 
But - Brilyn REALLY wanted to play
and Brilyn is a high energy kid who
NEEDS to play.
When I told her it was too cold
to play outside she wanted to bring 
the slide in and I said, "Okay!" before I realized 
that it wasn't a very good idea!
I realized QUICKLY what a mistake
I had made. I took the slide apart
and brought it in - piece by piece.
When a piece came in, it had to be washed!
ICE had to be dumped in the sink.
And as each piece was cleaned, I
reassembled it.
I could have changed my mind.
I could have told Brilyn it was just too much!
It was too much!
But - I said "Okay!" 
And children quickly learn who can be
trusted and who can not.
I was not going back on my word.
If I teach my grandchildren
nothing else I want them to know
that I love them and that they can
depend on me.
I want the example I set before them
to lead them to trust Jesus Christ
as their Lord and Savior someday, and I 
never want to hinder them in any way.
Keeping my promises is IMPORTANT!
And you know what.
Even though this was much more work than
I had anticipated, it was also much
more fun! I'll share more later!

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