Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Family Birthday Party!

 February's Birthday's belong to
 Billy & Olivia!
Treasure Chest Cake
 So - how do you incorporate a party for
a grown young man and a little girl?
What would BOTH of them like?
 I decided on a Treasure Hunt Party
because Billy likes investing
in silver and gold.
And Olivia would have loved the 
treasure hunt I had planned.
(we were going to dig for gold nuggets in the sand box
but hunted them in the house instead - due to snow)

The nuggets could be traded in for prizes
from the Gold Exchange Basket!
 I used rustic decorations because 
Billy is a cowboy and
Olivia is a cowgirl, so they
have their love of horses in common!
 Olivia opened presents!
I think she loved them all!
Billy had opened his the day before.
We had a fun, fun birthday party.
All of the kids were there, so that makes
it extra special!

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  1. Happy Birthday to both your sweet ones! I love your party even it you had to treasure hunt INSIDE! xo Diana