Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Sweet Little Helper

 I made a birthday cake and let Brilyn
use the left over batter to make cupcakes.
 She even decorated them.
And she added cookie to make a sweet
little Tea Party treat!
 Doesn't it look beautiful?
She added all of these sprinkles herself.
And then decided to play outside in the
snow before having a Tea Party.
And it all went downhill from there.
She went out to play and I think the cold
air caused the fluid on her ear drum to
expand or something.
She was in immediate pain.
Then came fever.
Then came a trip to the ER
with a diagnosis of two ear infections.
The doctor seemed to think it was a 
good thing Brandy took her in.
If she had waited those eardrums
may have ruptured.
Poor thing. We didn't even get to have
her Tea Party.
Thankfully, she's better now. 
But, don't you just hate it when 
babies are sick?

1 comment:

  1. She is so cute and I am so sorry about the ear infections! I do hate it when the babies are sick. My little guy is NOT good again today- xo Diana