Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

 With the extremely dry weather we have
had this year our little duck pond is low.
It appears that the ducks have noticed
and most have moved on.
But, we did find a few
who were hungry.
They were nearly as big
as Olivia!
The girls broke bread and tossed it
to the ducks and the ducks rewarded them
by eating it! Even Olivia got the hang
of it pretty quickly!

It was cute watching her tear her bread into
pieces and tossing the pieces to
the ducks!
She is quick to catch on and mimmick
whatever Grace happens to be
And Grace is quick to catch on
and mimmick what she sees
her parents and grand parents
When children are around our
lives are like an open book!
We must be careful
about what we are writing on
our book's pages.
After all, children learn
more from example
than anything else!

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