Friday, September 7, 2012

Leopard's Party

Grace loves story time and story activities, so when
we read about Leopard's surprise birthday party
we had to have a little surprise of our own.
 We made a birthday pinata!
 I simply took a package of tissue paper and cut it
up into little squares and let the girls glue them onto
a plain paper grocery sack!
 Olivia liked playing with the colored
tissue paper!
 Grace liked the glueing! This girl loves
making a good mess!
 Some of the paper she glued on in wads
and some of it she laid out flat.
But - either way was fine with me!
I didn't really expect this project
to be beautiful!
It's entire purpose was to entertain!
 However, it did turn out pretty cute!
 After the sack was fairly well covered
with tissue paper - we read another
story or two while it dried.
Then - we filled it with candy and
hung it from a piece of heavy twine
and Grace beat the stuffing out of it!
 And I somehow managed to keep
Olivia safely out of the way!
 What a party!
After busting open the pinata, we even
had a cake!
 Gracie blew out the candles for
Leopard and we sang him the
birthday song!
 And then she poured each of us
a nice cup of tea!
And after eating the frosting off of
her own piece of cake, Gracie continued
to pick the frosting off of the
rest of the cake as well.
I guess she figured she needed to
enjoy enough cake for
Leopard, too!
Odds are he likes the frosting
the best!

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  1. LOL- What a fun party. That was a wonderful thing to do for the little girls. That is how they learn to be creative. Wait till Mom reads about all that frosting she ate!;>) Hugs & Smiles, Diana