Friday, September 28, 2012

Purple Popcorn Balls

 We watched an episode of Strawberry
Shortcake. Two of the characters rolled a
cob of corn down a hill and fell into a
pit with it. To get out, they popped the corn...
letting it lift them to the top.
We're to big to climb on top of popcorn,
so we made a special popcorn treat!
 Olivia loved watching the popcorn pop!
 Once it popped we mixed up our syrup and poured
it over our popcorn. Then we buttered
our hands and made popcorn balls!
Actually, I think I made popcorn
balls while the girls sampled
the popcorn mixture!

According to Grace, they were YUMMY!
Now we know one more thing
she likes to eat.
Purple Popcorn Balls!

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