Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Making Laundry Soap!

I've been following Nana Diana over
for quite awhile, now.
So long in fact, that I've seen her post
this recipe for laundy soap TWICE!
The second time, I decided to
try it. So, I got out a big
mixing bowl/baby bathtub
(she uses a clean dry sink)
and gathered all the ingredients
and invited Brandy over to help!
(Brandy is my daughter in law - Brilyn's Mommy)
 We mixed all the ingredients according to
the recipe on Nana Diana's blog.
However, we were unable to find Zote Soap,
so we used the Fels Naptha version
instead! Anyway, our laundry soap
turned out great!
Our clothes smell clean and fresh
and we are saving money!
Plus.... it was fun!
I always enjoy spending time
with Brandy and Brilyn!
And - Look!
These cute little containers look
so much better on our laundry room
counter than the old bottle of Tide!
I found them at Walmart.
I think it's a coffee keeper or something,
but I loved the little spoon that
came attached - and it's perfect for
measuring the laundry soap.

To get the recipe


  1. Well Patty, Good job.:):) I've been tempted to make that soap too. I liked your mixing tub:):) Smiles to you, Susie

  2. Oh- I am so glad you tried it, Patty. When you get ready for your next batch (which is probably gonna be a long time!;>) let me know and I will send you some Zote- it is dirt cheap and I can find it here easily. It is soft and grates like cheese as opposed to the Fels Naptha which is a harder soap. Glad you like it and thanks for the plug~ xo Diana

  3. Yay...making your own soap. Like Little House on the Prairie...:)
    I'm going over for the recipe.
    And, I LOVE those containers...what section of Walmart are they in?