Thursday, September 20, 2012

Story Time And A Rainbow of Color

 We read about Noah's Ark!
 And Rainbows!
 And then we made our own little
rainbows of color in a pan!
 Both Grace & Olivia had fun!
 We covered the bottom of a cake
pan with Baking Soda
and put vinegar in some small
cups and stirred in a little
liquid food coloring.
 Then the girls could use a dropper
to pick up the colored vinegar mixture and drop
it into the baking soda.
It fizzed into beautiful fizzy colors!
 Grac eventually poured all of her
colored vinegar into her pan
and got this fizzy, foamy mess!
But - she had so much fun doing it!
She's already asked to do it again.
 When we were through, we painted.
Can you see the arches on Grace's Rainbows?

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