Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer Coming To An End

Summer is coming to an end!
We sill only be able to jump into
the pool and enjoy
splashing around for a
little while longer
and then it will be getting
too cool!
 So.... maybe we should just
enjoy ourselves while we can!
 And relax.... before fall sports and
activities get our schedules so full
we forget what the word
"relax" means!
Right now, I just want to live in the
Seeing neighbor kids that were not too long ago,
running free and enjoying summer
stand and wait at the neighborhood
bus stop...
And seeing parents post their
back to school photos
on facebook...
And knowing that for most,
those carefree days of summer
have ended...
makes me kind of sad.
So for now.... I'm going to pretend
it's still summer.
One more day at the park, one more day
in the pool, one more picnic,
one more weiner roast.
Hmmmm.... maybe I should even
turn up the thermostat
to make it seem REAL!

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