Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's That THING In The Garden?

 Grace was here visiting and as she brushed
her teeth she looked out the window!
Wait....What is that?
Could it be?
She spotted something and had
to check it out right away!
 When she was spitting seeds earlier in
the summer, she spit a few into the
garden, where one is still growing.
And right next to that
watermelon plant she found
a watermelon!
She wanted to get it
And she did!
 She rolled it right out of the garden
and right up to the back door!
 Picking watermelon is hard work!
 Look at it roll!
After she got it to the porch
Grandpa took it and put it in the
 Later that evening we cut into it!
These two love watermelon!

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