Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Little Butterfly Garden

Our little butterfly garden has had lots
of visitors. These painted ladies probably
frequent it the most!
 We get an occasional Giant Swallowtail!
 And an occasional Zebra Swallowtail!
 The Giant Swallowtail
seems to like posing for pictures!
Where you find butterflies, you
often find little moths.
See him sucking the nector out
of our butterfly bush bloom?
 And this year, we have gotten a few
Monarchs! They are one of my
favorites, but since their caterpillers feed
on milweed, and I normally weed my
blower beds, we didn't get an
abundant supply.
This year, however - I left any milkweed growing
in and under my butterfly bush.The bush keeps
them sort of camoflaged, so I don't
have to look at them and
feel like my garden needs weeding.
And the catipillars have them
to feed upon. Hopefully, this plan
will make Monarch visits
more frequent!

They are so pretty and they flutter
so gracefully through the yard.
I'd love to have a few more!

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  1. Those are beautiful. I think I only saw two butterflies here all year. It was a weird summer- xo Diana