Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Frog Or A Prince?

Look what we found hopping around
in front of our house! 
 Here's a closer look!
Is he handsome or what?
 We caught him to show him to Brilyn
and then attempted to let him go.
 But, the front yard didn't seem like
quite the right environment.
So, we hopped on the Razor and
rode down to the pond.
 Brilyn waved bye-bye!
 And her Daddy carefully released him
into the pond!
 Where we watched him swim away!
 Bye-Bye Froggie!
Have fun in the pond!
 Brilyn was happy to see him
return to the wild.
And then.... Daddy let her
drive the Razor back to
my house!
And nope.... she didn't kiss the frog!
Well.... that's pretty simple!
She's already found her PRINCE!
His name is DADDY!
And she is definately his

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