Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

This year we went to Jahn's Pumpkin Patch
in Cyril, Oklahoma.
Cyril is where Papa Bill lives, so
he was able to meet us there.
 There were lots and lots of pumpkins!
 And we had cool, windy fall weather
to add to our experience.
The girls had a good time!
 They liked the animals!
Grace started feeding the sheep but then
decided she didn't like the slimey slobbery stuff
they left on her hands so she handed the food
to Olivia and let her feed them.
Olivia didn't mind the slime!
She loved feeding them.
Until the ram bit her.... then she told him
"No, no!" and fed the ewe instead.
 No-No.... Silly old ram!
 There were swings
 And pumpkins to pick up!
 It looks as though Olivia found hers!
And after we all found our pumpkins we headed
back towards the car.
Grace held Papa's hand and
helped him find a pumpkin close
to the parking lot.
(Papa was smart... he didn't want to carry one up the hill)
Aren't they cute together?
Gracie and her great-grandpa...
who even dressed in his overalls for
the occasion.


  1. What a wonderful family get-together. I love that last picture of Gracie and her great-grandpa. xo Diana

  2. The picture of g.grandpa and gracie is a touches the heart. I am so glad that could join all of you pretty girls. Smiles, Susie