Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guess What The Mover's Brought

The mover's came!
And look what they brought!
They brought the SWINGSET
and the TOYS!!!!
And that made somebody
very, very happy!
 Actually... that made two
little somebodies very, very happy!
These two girls left their home
in Fletcher and moved into
a tiny apartment while they waited
for their new house to be built.
They were only in the apartment for
a little while, but they had been living in
their old house without their things
for a little while before that!
The movers had taken lots
and lots of things... and they
especially missed their toys!
 It's soooo good to have them back!
The girls couldn't wait to play!
And I'm sure their Momma and Daddy
are happy to have their things, too!
It's going to be so nice to finally
be settled into the new house!



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