Monday, October 1, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese's


Grace and Olivia stayed with me while
their family moved from the small
apartment they were renting temporarily
to their new house when it was finished!
 When it was time for them to go home,
we met their Momma at Chuck E. Cheese.
 Brilyn and Brandy came, too!
It was a fun and memorable day
with all three girls!
 Grace found a cotton candy vending
machine. You put in two one dollar bills
and it make cotton candy right
before your eyes!
Of couse, we had to try it!
 Brilyn liked riding all the cool rides!
 Olivia played games!
 And Brilyn overcame her fear of
Just a few weeks before we made
cotton candy at home, only
to find out that Brilyn was
afraid of it. We tried getting her to
taste it, but she refused.
However - at Chuck E. Cheese's
she saw Olivia snitching some
of Grace's cotton candy, and Olivia
seemed to like it!
She made it look good!
So.... Brilyn tried it!
And like any perfectly normal kid
she loved the wonderful stuff!
Grace played lots and lots of games!
And she even met Chuck E. Cheese himself!

She like him!
But - mice that BIG are
just overgrown RATS
to Brilyn.
If you look at the right side of that
picture you can see that she's not
crazy about the big guy!
(I wonder how she's react to Mickey Mouse - her favorite cartoon character)
Brilyn would rather ride rides....
 and climb through the playground...
 And slide down the slide....
Than visit with a RAT!
And Grace would rather visit
with the RAT
than slide down the slide
by herself!
She came down right behind Brilyn,
but she slid down that
big slide on Aunt Brandy's lap!
Oh, how different each and every child is!
And oh, how thankful I am that they
are not all just alike!
Don't you just love the fact that
God created each child
so wonderfully unique?

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  1. I think Chucky is more rat looking than mouse..He can be creepy to little ones. But kids love running amuk in those places.LOL. My sister went with her grandkids for the first time and said it made her crazy.HA.I tried to tell her it could get overwhelming. Your little ones seem to be having the best time. Love the littest one's face.:) Smiles, Susie