Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where's the Chocolate?

I keep this little candy dish in the tea room.
I keep it stocked with just a few pieces of chocolate!
I don't fill it up, because when Brilyn
comes she is not finished until
she empties the bowl.
(that girl LOVES chocolate)
One day I was out shopping and I found
this cute little Mickey Mouse!
I bought it to surprise Brilyn!
She loves Mickey Mouse!
But - I didn't want to stick it in my closet
and forget to give it to her, so I came up
with another idea.
I emptied the candy bowl!
When the candy bowl is empty, I know
Brilyn will go looking for my
candy stash!
 So, I put Mickey Mouse in the
hidden candy stash that is
really no longer hidden because
once upon a time Brilyn caught
Uncle Deuce restocking
the candy bowl!
(I don't think she forgets anything)
 When Brilyn came over she
immediately ran to the candy bowl!
Oooops! No chocolate!
So... she immediately ran to
the candy stash!
 And look what she found!
Mickey Mouse!
Don't you just love that
look of surprise and happiness
on her face?
I love this happy girl!


  1. What a sweetheart! I hope we can go to the park together again soon! :)

  2. She is addicted to Mouse! She takes Mouse EVERYWHERE!