Monday, December 16, 2013

Brilyn's Gingerbread House

 Brilyn is pretty crafty!
Her Daddy is an artist and I think
she might have inherited some of his talent.
 Just LOOK at her Gingerbread House!
I applied the frosting and she added
the candy pieces all by herself!  
If whe wasn't happy with how a piece
looked..... she ate it! 

And when she was finished she was pretty
proud of her results.
She couldn't wait to show Daddy!
Of course, by the time he saw it there
were fingerprints in the snow
and the little trees had probably been eaten.
But - she absolutely LOVED this activity!
This house is a kit we bought in the
bakery section of Walmart.
It has Royal Frosting included which
actually makes it stick together great!

A Closer look!
We added M&M's.
However, the kit really has enough
candy if you can save it for 
the house. Brilyn ate quite a bit of ours,
so we needed something more.
Plus.... she kept paving the walkway. 
I think she must like the
cobblestone look!

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