Thursday, December 19, 2013

Grace's Birthday Party at Home

This year Grace got to plan her 
own Birthday Party!
They did it the weekend after
her birthday instead of the weekend
before - so that if Weston came late,
I could still make it!
And Weston came late, so that
was a good thing!
 As the girls arrived they went to the
make up table and did
their own make up!
Then they put on dress up clothes
and had a Tea Party Lunch! 
Everything looked so lovely!
 Grace chose the gold table cloth.
Her Momma would have preferred a different
one, but It was Grace's Birthday, so
she had the final say.
I actually think it looks quite nice!
 Grace also got to serve her guests
their tea!
 Isn't this little guest just beautiful?
She was as sweet as she is pretty, too.
 And didn't these three do a lovely
job on their make up?
After they ate they went to the craft
table to make a few crafts.
 And while they were busy making
crafts, I was able to switch the table from
"tea party lunch" to "birthday party".
 Now.... isn't that a pretty table?
 And just look at that cake!
My daughter, Heather, made it herself.
 And each guest got to take home
a little doll!
 I think those lovely little girls thought
it was pretty cute.
 Grace blew out her candles and we
had cake and punch and then, she
got to open presents!
It was a really nice party and I think
all of the girls had a good time.
And they all behaved! There was not a
single disagreement or 
temper tantrum.
Grace has pretty sweet little friends
for which I am grateful.

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