Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Family Is GROWING!

Our family is GROWING!
I baby sat Caelie Saturday night,
so Deuce could take Andra
out. Normally, when they go out,
Caelie goes along but Saturday night
was special!
Deuce had reservations
at a steak house. 
There were flower on the table
when they arrived.
And a musician was there
to play "their song".
And someone even snapped this
picture for them. 
Deuce proposed and Andra
said "Yes!" 
So that means we are getting a
new daughter in law and
a new grand daughter.
It's now official!
  Caelie will soon be Grace, Olivia,
Brilyn, Asher and Weston's

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  1. Brilyn already considers Caelie a cousin.