Friday, December 20, 2013

Remembering the Nativity

I love CHRISTmas. I love seeing nativity
sets and things that point you to the
REAL meaning of this special season.
 And while I was in Texas for
Grace's Birthday Party, we found a 
CHRISTmas Nativity Production
that did just that!
It was a drive though.... or hayride.... your choice!
We chose the hayride and were tucked in
with blankets and served free hot cocoa!
 The scene started with an Angel visiting Mary.
Then, there was no room in the inn.
And then.... a beautiful manger scene.
With a real live baby.
 Then we saw the boy Jesus working
in the carpentry shop!
 And Jesus as a young man being
tempted in the wilderness.
 The Last Supper.
 And then the arrest. The government was
against Jesus then, and is becoming
so again, now. So sad, isn't it?
 They crucified him.
 Yet, he still lives.
This little drive through was narrated
and if you chose to drive your own car, 
you would be given a CD and you would
play a track at each scene. If you needed a 
CD player, that was also provided.
All free of charge.
And the message was straight from
the Bible.

For anyone wanting to attend this,
it was at a Baptist Church in
McKinney, Texas.

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