Friday, December 13, 2013

Handprint Snowmen Ornaments - So, So Cute!

We made
Handprint Snowmen Ornaments
and they turned out so cute, I just had to share.
We did this early in the month - before Weston
was born, so we will have to make him
one later. 
Anyway.... aren't they DARLING?
Here is Grace's!
Her handprint almost fills up the ball.

And here is Brilyn's!
 And Olivia's!
Brilyn and Olivia's hands are
just the right size to make 
super cute snowmen.
So - this is probably a good craft 
for two and three year olds!
And look at Asher's itty bitty snowmen!
Aren't they adorable?
I did his handprint whild he was sleeping
and he barely even stirred.
He's a sweet boy.
He likes to snuggle but is content to 
sit in his swing if you have
a chore or two to take care of. 
You don't hear so much as a peep out of
him unless he is hungry....

Anyway...... to make the ornaments.
You need:
Large Blue Christmas Ornaments
(other colors would work, but blue looks like a night sky)
White Paint
(I used the acrylic Folk Art stuff from Walmart)
Sharpie Markers
Paper Plate
Paper Towels

Put a little paint on a paper plate. Place your child's
hand in the paint and smear it around to get good
coverage. Dab the painted hand on a paper towel to remove
excess paint. Then apply hand onto the ornament and remove.
Don't worry about getting a "perfect handprint".
Snowmen are not perfect!
 BUT - if there is any stray paint you can
wipe it away with a corner of a
damp paper towel.
Allow the paint to dry. 
Then.... with a Q-Tip you can touch up
the handprint. Add paint to thin areas to
give them a little more shape. 
Your "handprint" is more of a 
size reference than an exact replica of
your child's hand.
After touching up allow the paint to dry
again. Once dry... use Sharpie Markers
to add eyes, noses, mouths,
scarfs, buttons and hats.
Dont forget to add your child's name
and the year so you can look back
and see who created this lovely
ornament and when!

And enjoy!
Kids seem to love making CHRISTmas
crafts and any grandparent would
love to receive one of these for

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