Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Grace Making Ornaments

 Grace can handle making ornaments
all by herself.
I showed her how...
and then she made TONS!
 She even clear coats the ornaments
all by herself.
She is getting to be such a big girl
and she's developping so many skills.
And she made super cute ornaments!

To make ornaments like these you need:

 2X2 Photos - printed on plain paper
2x2 tiles - I got mine at a discount store
and got hundreds for $2.00
Modge Podge
Clear Spray Paint
Hot Glue and a Glue Gun

Lay out your tiles and cover then with a thin coat
of Modge Podge. Place pictures on tiles. Let dry COMPLETELY.
Apply another coat of Modge Podge. Let dry.
Coat with Clear Spray Paint.
Allow to dry.
Hot glue a ribbon on to hang
and glue felt on the back for a backing.
The felt is optional but it
gives your tile a more finished
look - and the kids one more thing
to cut. Our girls LOVE cutting.
And for some of out ornaments I had
peel and stick felt that the girls could
apply themselves. For other tiles I
had plain felt that had to be glued on.
Both worked fine and made cute 
little ornaments.

1 comment:

  1. Those ornaments are a pure blessing to anyone that receives them. I know this for a fact- xo Diana