Saturday, March 3, 2012

Brilyn Loves Cars!!!!!

 Brilyn Loves Cars!!!
Any car!
She loved the little Power Wheels car she got for Christmas!
And she loved the Little Tykes car she got for her Birthday!
She loves her friend Lenae's car!
She loves cars from the movie Cars!
 She just loves cars!
 She probably gets it from her Daddy,
who is a car lover, too!
I wonder if she'll grow up and collect classic cars!
And I wonder if that '68 Cadilac in her driveway will run when she is old enough to drive it!
And if it does run.... will she look as cool driving it as her Daddy did? I guess we will all just have to wait and see!


  1. She is SO cute~It will be interesting to see if that car survives until she is old enough to drive it! xo Diana

  2. Hdt to smile at that photo as it reminded me of the photo of the Mennonite Girls Can Cook around an old car. I sent it to the girls for fun, telling them I found the mennonite boys can cook photo!
    You little grandgirl is so cute! I be she has some influence from her proud daddy there, but I've also seen how things like that are just a part of a person by nature.

  3. Oh what cute pictures, yep I think she will look great in a Cadillac!