Sunday, March 4, 2012


 Grace loves rocks!
When she was little we would take her to the park and while other kids played on the slides and swings, she would pick up and play with the rocks.
So.... we are now rock collecting!
 Give this girl a shallow pan of soapy water, a pile of rocks and a toothbrush and she can wash rocks all day!
She does ask for warm water occasionally... because the water eventually gets cold and it isn't fun to stick your hands in cold water!
 Here she is studying a rock!
 And preparing to dry a freshly washed rock!
 This keeps her busy for the longest time!
 Beautiful, beautiful rocks!
 We are just beginning to get them organized!
 And labeled!
We haven't identified the rocks yet, so we are labeling the location where we found them.
 This one was found by the pond!
 And this one is a polished river rock Grace found in a candle arrangement we keep on the dining room table.
Do you have pretty rocks in your area?
If so, we would love to see them. Take a picture and send it to me - or put the rock in a padded envelope and mail it to us at:
c/o Grandma Patty Patterson
2206 SW Edinburough Dr.
Lawton, Ok 73505

It would be fun to get rocks from other states and locations!

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  1. Well, right now our rocks are all frozen solid to the ground but when Spring rolls around I'll send you a rock or two- xo Diana