Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Olivia's Day At The Park

 Olivia likes spending time at the park, too!
There just isn't a lot a little one can do.
 But.... she loves swinging!
 And swinging!
 And trying to climb up the slide!
 And feeling the breeze on her face!
For some reason she seemed to enjoy climbing on and
off of the end of the slide. It must be just the right
size for her to climb!
And soon.... she'll be able to climb and slide
and swing and jump and do the obstacle
course items and everthing!
But for now, we'll enjoy helping her!
And holding her!
She's a sweet snuggly girl and we want
to make sure we've gotten all the sweet
snuggles out of her that we can before she decides
enough is enough
and prefers to play!

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