Monday, March 5, 2012


 We recieved this really cute little cupcake kit from our friends Carlee and Alison for Christmas! I saved it so that we could make them while Grace was staying here while her Momma and Olivia were in Germany!
So we made cupcakes!
 And decorated them!
 They are almost as cute as the ones pictured on the box!
 And after making the cupcakes we had a tea party so we could enjoy them!
And if you look closely at Grace in the tea party pictures, you will notice....
 her little pinky sticking out, just like a proper little lady!
(or fairy, since I think she learned that trick from Tinkerbell)
Anyway, isn't that the cutest little pinky ever?

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  1. Cute pinky on a cute little girl. Nice job on the cupcakes! xo Diana