Thursday, March 1, 2012


 One day while making mud pies,
 Grace found some WORMS!
 She played with them for a little while and then released them in the flower bed so they could help the dirt that makes our flowers grow.
 She has so much fun discovering and observing things!
She also found a scorpion! But - she didn't touch it! I moved it to the patio on a piece of bark so we could observe it and take a picture and I explained to her that you don't touch scorpions because they sting! I'm pretty sure she got the message because she has been telling everyone that you never, never touch a scorpion because it can burn you and that hurts!

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  1. Grace told me she dreamed about picking up a worm last night. And then I showed her this! I asked about the scorpion and she told me it was something that you never touch. lol