Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grace's Day At The Park

 It's been warm and sunny and just perfect
for spending time at the park!
 And Grace loves going!
 This is a Teeter-Totter that you sit caddy corner on!
 And this is some sort of climbing thing!
Grace loves to climb!
 And this is a bouncy thing!
 And a Baby Swing! Grace can swing in the
big kid swings, but she still loves these.
 And an obstacle course!
And here Grace is on the ropes!
She really enjoyed climbing on this until her
Momma called it a spider web. Then, she wanted
off because she didn't want any of the
spiders to get her.
Sometimes, she takes what we say
just a little too literally!


  1. I don't want spiders to get me EITHER! ACK!

    Sweet photos!

    I'm the second of four kids and we were poor, too. But, I had a gramma who sewed and an Auntie who was a fashionista. She grew tired of all her stuff and so she'd let my sister and I raid her closet. She supplied me with clothes AND makeup until I was old enought to buy my own.


  2. Cute pics! It looks like a fun day, but that does look like a spider web.

  3. Oh- she is getting so grown up! She is just adorable and I LOVE her hair. xo Diana

  4. That spider does look a bit scary! Grace has the cutest little face ever! :)