Friday, March 9, 2012

It's a Weenie Roast!!!!

 Grace loves a good weenie roast! She can even roast her own weenie!
 And she eats really well when she cooks her own food!
 She's very picky about her marshmellows, though!
They need to be golden brown, but never black!
She doesn't eat the burned ones!
 And after a good weenie roast, she always finds time to play!
If only we could all learn to enjoy life like a three year old!


  1. How cute. We love roasting wienies too and can't wait until it is warm enough to do just that. She is really darling! xo Diana

  2. O, Grace, thanks so much for coming by and introducing yourself so that I could come over here. (I just signed up to follow:)
    First off, I LUV your adorable header. Now, since I have 10 grands, I must come up with something cute for MY blog, too.:)

    Love the photos of the weenie roast...and the playing.
    All our grands are just about grown...youngest is 10. We do have a GREAT grandgirl that is about to turn 3.

    Come back to see me soon....xoxo bj