Friday, March 30, 2012

What's Brilyn Getting Into?

She's checking to see if she's going to get caught!
 But.... when you say "No, No" she
quickly relents and closes the door.
Things like Grandpa's X-Box are tempting!
But.... Brilyn is eager to please, so she normally obeys!
She is such a good girl!
She is busy and adventurous and gets into
everything.... but, she also gets out of it
when she's told to. I love that about her!
She's so quick to obey!
That is such an important skill for little ones.
It can be a life saving skill if it prevents
them from running into the street - just once - at
just the right time!


  1. I'm glad she listens! I'm trying really hard to have a child that behaves and listens.

  2. I cant find that paci clip anywhere. That was my favorite one too.