Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

 Peter Cottontail may be on strike this year.
We know, because we see him all the time!
Here he is... resting under the slide on Grace's Swingset!
 And here he is hopping accross her yard!
It doesn't appear that getting ready for Easter
has even occured to him!
He's been totally taking it easy
and eating any little bits of carrots or
lettuce that Grace feeds him!
Hopefully, he isn't the REAL Peter Cottontail!
Or... the REAL Easter Bunny!
Maybe he's just an imposter and
Easter will happen just like it normally does?


  1. I think it must be getting ready for Easter... we haven't seen the bunny in about a week!

  2. How cute. The bunnies come right up to our back stoop and I feed them! The neighbors think I am nuts, I'm sure! Very sweet bunny you found! xo Diana