Monday, April 30, 2012


 While washing her hands in the bathroom sink, Grace discovered that her soap bubbles reflected light and made a rainbow of colors!
But - we could barely see the colors, so we had to keep washing and washing and washing.... just to see more BUBBLES!
So - I decided to get the Bubble Machine out!
 We took it outside and Grace chased Bubbles!
See all the pretty colors reflected by the sun!
(and it's overcast, not much sun today. I wonder what we'd see on a really sunny day)
And I had to have one picture of my pretty girl
without the Bubbles hiding her face!


  1. How cute! We keep bubbles outside all summer never fails to amuse someone! She is so cute! xo Diana

  2. Bubbles are so amazing and how sweet to have such a cutie-pie to remind you of all of that! Hope you have many more such days! ;)