Monday, April 2, 2012

Dog Sitting

 During spring break Billy and Alyssa went snow skiing.
So, we ended up dog sitting for Pistol and Kat!
Both were good, but Pistol, being little and cute ended up
getting treated like a little puppy!
A GIRL puppy at that!
Just look at him being forced to join a tea party!
 He also played in the ball pit!
 And when he found a quiet place to retreat,
someone would come up to him and pet him
and ask, "Are you okay?"
And Kat watched!
She kept those eyes keenly focused on any
grandchild who happened to be around.
She watched and she watched.
Until a single morsel of food was dropped
......and then she pounced!
Always beating the other dogs to the treat!
Yep... she's a competitor....
A competitor who ALWAYS wins!
Just like Billy!
It's funny how a dog can actually take after
his or her master!


  1. Nothing cuter than kids and pets. I like that there was a tea party where one could wear their "fur". Habe a great Monday- xo Diana

  2. I think Pistol had the best spring break ever, I bet she goes home and sleeps for a week!!



  3. Thank you so much for this. I can't tell you how much guilt it alleviates.
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