Monday, April 16, 2012

Grace at Carlee's Party!

 Grace had a great time at Carlee's Party!
 She helped build a house out of blocks!
 You can see in her body language how excited she is!
 It is so fun to get together with friends!
 Carlee goes to Preschool.... so she has lots of friends!
 But there is always room for one more!
The girls played so well together!
It is nice to see children playing
together with such kindness. I think they ALL got
And Grace was on the go the entire time!


  1. Oh how cute! It seems that usually when there are three involved that someone is the "odd man out". I love it when the kids can all play together so nicely. Love that first pictures with the exuberance of the arms in the air. xo Diana

  2. What fun! Wish we had parties like that when I was a kid...I think we played drop the clothes pin in the bottle LOL! The stool I redid was an older bar stool, when I paint and add a decal they sell like crazy in my booth