Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

 On Easter Sunday, we had a family dinner
after church and all three grandbabies were here!
I think this was my first attempt at getting a picture of
all three of them together.
 After dinner.... we hunted eggs!
 And after the egg hunt we had dessert!
 Brilyn was pretty good at hunting eggs
this year! She found LOTS!
 Although it did take a little coaxing
to get her started!
 I don't think Olivia needed any coaxing!
She just needed to be put down
and given the freedom to get to those eggs!
And she was super proud of herself
when she found one!
She found the fewest eggs....
But... she also found the BEST eggs!
Hers had the most money!
But... Brilyn and Grace both ended up with
plenty of money, too.
Grace got enough to buy the
Silvermist Fairy she's been wanting
for so long
and a Fawn Fairy, also.
I think Brilyn and Olivia are
saving their money for now!

And Brilyn had been staying with me quite a
lot prior to Easter. She helped stuff eggs and prepare
an Easter dessert. I'll have to share that recipe soon!


  1. Oh- They are so cute, Patty...all dressed up in their pretty Easter dresses. I love to see the kids having fun and it sure looks like they had fun at your house- xo Diana

  2. What cutie-pies...adorable kids. Ever notice how toddlers react when they first step into grass while barefoot?? I love their faces. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)