Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Trip To The ZOO!

 I had a day off, so I wanted to do something FUN! I really wanted to take the girls to the OKC ZOO but rain was in the forecast. I thought about it... and then decided to go anyway! I was hoping that maybe the weather forecast would scare off others and we would experience short lines and a small crowd!

It worked! I don't think we had to wait in line for anything.... and we were only sprinkled on once!
 One of my favorite exhibits is the Lorakeets!
I like it because you can purchase a cup of nector and actually feed the birds. I always love a hands on experience! Here, Brandy is showing Brilyn and Grace how to feed a Lorakeet!
 Here, Grace is feeding two Lorakeets all by herself! She did great until they stole her little cup and the one in back bit her when she tried taking it back. It bit her Momma, too! The Zookeper in charge of this exhibit finally took it away for us. But, by then, Grace was no longer wanting to feed the birds so we gave ner nector to a little boy who was just entering the exhibit and didn't have any.
(not everyone is willing to shell out $3.00 for birdie juice)
 Brandy and Brilyn were feeding a "nice" bird! It didn't bite. Or - if it did bite, they didn't complain!
 A close up of a Lorakeet!
 After feeding the Lorakeet's we went to the petting zoo and Olivia fell in love with the donkeys. I'm not so sure what she liked about them, but you can see she was enjoying them!
 Then, Brilyn got her arm painted at the face painting booth.
 The OKC Zoo also has a butterfly garden. But, it was cool, damp and overcast and butterflies like sunny weather. We saw two! We'll have to make a trip back someday on a sunny day.
(we didn't make it to the giraffe feeding area in time to feed the giraffes, either so i want to go back for that, too)
 We went to a Sea Lion show and then had lunch at a Zoo Cafe! The girls got Kid Meals and their chicken was shaped like giraffes.
 We rode the carousel! Grace chose a bear.
 And Brilyn and Brandy rode the Cheetah!
 Then we headed towards the big cats and elephants! The OKC Zoo has one of the best Elephant Exhibits in the country and they will be adding an Asia Exhibit for the big cats in 2013.
 Grace playing on bronze cats!
 Grace and a Gorilla!
 Grace & Olivia
 Grace & Olivia
 Grace and Brilyn!
 Grace and Brilyn! I don't think Grace is wanting to share!
But Brilyn did get a turn! Here is Brilyn riding the giraffe!

It was a GREAT Zoo day! We missed the thunderstorms and the hail that plagued our area and had a great time!


  1. My gosh, Patty! What a full day you had! I LOVE it..and the kids are just darling. I especially like all the hands on they got to enjoy - minus the "theft" and bite, that is! xo Diana

  2. Take a closer look at the chicken :)

  3. I want to go back to the zoo! it was so fun! Next time I want Andrew to come though. I didn't break that carousel! hahahaha