Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rock Hunting

 Grace loves rocks, so the last time she spent
the night Grandpa took us rock hunting!
 Wee took the Razor to the River
and Discovered a Rock Hunter's Paradise! 
We each found a few rocks for our rock collection...
And we found even more for our garden!
(only right now, we really have no place for them, so they are stashed behind the pool)
Grace was so proud of our finds!
And she learned that she likes the Razor!
She likes driving around in the river bed
and she especially likes going through the river!
We'll have to try it again in the summer
when it is really warm enough to get wet!
Summer is going to be so much fun!


  1. Look at that little face. You can tell she is excited and full of joy. Perfect! xo Diana

  2. ahhh, what a fun day. She looks like she loved it.

    Summers were always such fun when our grands were little. We spent a lot of time at our little park close to the house. Play on all the toys...fish in the little pond. They are all grown up now.........