Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Fancy Tea Party

 Grace wanted a Fancy Tea Party!
 So we shopped for, baked and prepared
fancy treats!
 A few friends came over.
 And Grace served them tea
while they helped themselves
to snacks!
 Aren't the little ones pretty?
 And doesn't the table look nice?
I'm not sure Caelie knew that
Grace was capable of
pouring tea.
I think she expected a major
And I'm not sure that
Grace knew that Caelie was quite
capable of drinking her tea.
Here, she is showing Caelie how
it's done.... properly!
After all, a proper lady would not
drink her tea any other way!


  1. Oh that is just so sweet-Grace is the perfect host of her tea party.

  2. ARent; they just darling? I LOVE Grace's dress!!! xo Diana