Friday, April 12, 2013

Who Likes Pretty Hair?

Gracie was getting ready to go
visit Papa so I fixed her hair.
I used hot rollers, and I used clips
instead of the clamps that come
with the rollers.
The clips go all the way around the rollers
preventing anything hot from
ever touching a little girl's
delicate skin!
I like pretty curls!
Does Grace?
 NO, she does not!
This expression shows you
exactly what she thinks!
But, her Daddy got her to smile
for the camera by promising
her a treat!
I wonder what she'll be like
in 10 or 12 years?
Will she like to fix that hair
or just let it fly?
Hmmmmm..... I guess I'll just
have to wait and see.



  1. Isn't that cute though? It is fun to see her in curls. xo Diana

  2. Oh I hope she likes curls someday-she's just so darn cute with them.
    Have a good weekend