Friday, April 5, 2013

Remember the BIG Box?

Remember the BIG Box?
The one the girls painted and made
into a playhouse?
Well..... THIS is what came in it!
It's a BIG Pool Slide!
Grandpa put it together but we haven't mounted
it to the deck yet - because we want the
girls to have some time to
get used to going up and down it
before pool season!
 Right now they land on the deck!
But once it gets a little warmer,
they'll be flying off into the pool!
And - this slide holds up to
250 lbs. so little ones can ride down
on Daddy's lap, if need be.
I think it'll be fun for years to come!




  1. wow how cool is that-the girls will never want to come in to eat or go to bed. You two are the coolest grandparents EVER!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Every pool needs a slide. What fun you all will have with that- xo Diana