Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Dustin!

Happy Birthday, Dustin!
Today is Dustin's Birthday!
Dustin is my wonderful son in law.
He's husband to my
daughter, Heather.
And he's "Daddy" to my
sweet little grand daughters
Grace & Olivia!
And when it comes to son
in laws, I don't think I could have
asked for a more perfect fit!
He never seems to mind his
mother in law coming
to visit.
I visited them in Japan
four times and stayed an
average of 4 weeks each
visit and the one time
a typhoon delayed my flight
home he seemed genuinely happy
that I had to stay
a little longer!
Not too many son in laws
would be happy about that!
But, Dustin is a special.
I'm often amazed at how God brings
people together so perfectly and
he and Heather are a
perfect example of that.
I can't imagine anyone more
perfect for either of them.


  1. Happy birthday! How wonderful to have a sil like that. They are a gorgeous couple- xo Diana