Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Making Tulip Cake Pops

Making Tulip Cake Pops
is so simple a child can do it!

For these, we used real flower stems.
We picked them up at the florist when we
were shopping for chocolate.
They often cut off the blooms for corsages
and things and throw away the stems,
so stems should be available
at any flower shop!
I rinsed and dried the stems.
Then we put a big wad of home made
play dough in a tea pot to
hold them in place.
(you could use florist clay or Styrofoam)
 And then Grace pushed a Tulip
onto each stem!
Here are the results!
Now, it looks like we're ready for
A Fancy Tea Party!

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  1. So very, very cute, Patty! Love those little kiddos and their projects- xo Diana