Monday, April 22, 2013

Hosting A Tea Party

 Grace woke up and prepared a tea party
for some very special little guest.
She got it all set up while she
was still in her pajamas!
 And her guest arrived!
 Aren't they cute?
She poured fresh water into each of
their cups, yet, they still insisted
on drinking out of the same one!
Their manners need work!
But, odds are they will find their way
to the pond before they are
trained to be proper!
We are hoping they will decide to
stay at the pond and eat
whatever crumbs they are fed by
neighborhood children.
But first - they have to get big enough
to insure that they do not become
snake or turtle food!



  1. How cute is that? It must be fun to have
    them for the kids.

  2. Those are the cutest guests I have ever seen at a tea party! lol So cute!!! xo Diana