Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shooting Fun

 I found a smaller BB Gun, but
it is still just a tad bit big for Grace.
But - we went shooting
and she practiced her gun safety skills.
 This little gun is new and the spring is
not yet broke in so it is hard to cock.
So, Grace shoots it and carefully hands if
back to me so I can cock it for her
to shoot again.
And while doing so, she practices
keeping her gun pointed in
a safe direction at all times.
She did GREAT!
And she made a few bulls eyes!


  1. Good lessons for her-good for her making bullseyes. My aunt was the top markswoman in her state and she even beat out the men-;-) Maybe Grace is next!

  2. I see you have a little gun-slinger there! xo Diana