Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How Many Balloons?

Brilyn was watching Bubble Guppies
and it was an episode on
flight. So, we talked
about flight and how balloons
fly and how many balloons it might
take to make us fly.
Then we decided to see how many
balloons it would take to
make a few of her little
friends fly.
Elephants are heavy.
Even stuffed teenie beanie elephants.
One balloon made no difference.
Neither did two!
 Nor three. Nor four.
 Five balloons give it a bit of
a lift.... but not enough
to make it fly!
 Six balloons and a boost
from Brilyn get it up, but it
comes slowly back down.
I don't know if there are enough
balloons to make
an elephant fly.
 But 4 Balloons is plenty for
a Pink Shoes Barbie!
And it takes 5 to make her little
Joey fly!
I don't know if she learned
anything from out little
science lesson or not,
but she's a bright girl.
Odds are she took it all in and knows
all about flying now!

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