Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shopping for Yogurt

 This little girl is a shopper!
If she wants to go to the refuge
to see wildlife she says she wants
to go "Shopping for Cows!"
(there are longhorn running free)
If she wants to go to Walmart
she wants to go
"Shopping for Paper Towels."
And if you follow my blog
you probably saw her
Shopping for Chocolate!
But on this particular
shopping trip she was
Shopping for Yogurt!
And she found some!


  1. hahhaa...she is so precious...and that cupcake dress is adorable.

  2. What a little sweetie-I hope she has her own purse and shopping bag-;-)

  3. LOL- Patty! She is so cute- I just love that you have already raised a shopper- xo Diana